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Will It Be Your Arms?

Mary Rita Schilke Sill 2007


I am a gift, created especially

for this world

though I cannot speak

- yet -

to tell you this.

My heart beats fast

when I see

one who might lift me up

and call me by name.

My soul searches for love

to hold me and mold me

into the unique masterpiece

I want to become.

Each day passes

and I linger

without a family,

without a home.

How I wish to breathe grace

into your life.

We could hug teddy bears

and have tea parties,

play peek-a-boo,

chase fireflies,


laugh at the rain.

If you hold me close

I could hear your heart beat.

Certainly, no lullaby

would be more beautiful.

As our eyes meet

I feel your smile.

I memorize it

and know it is something

I never want to forget ... ever.

My hands are little

but my heart is big.

Embrace me,

empower me


never let go - until

I can fly on my own.

I know one day


will see me as the precious package

they want.

I will feel the smile of my dreams

and see arms reach for me.

... someday ...

Will it be your arms?



(Written and dedicated to Joe and Tatiana DiDonato and The Orphan Foundation)

Well Done

Mary Rita Schilke Sill (C) 2004


Sometimes you flash me a smile

And I swear

You look two again.

I remember

How you were the first among your peers

To master swings, and monkey bars.

From the beginning

Anything boys could do

You could do better.

Excellence was your philosophy


You knew you had one.

You painted life

With imagination

And prisms seemed to reflect from your angel-smile.

We waddled a little here and there

Finding our "sea legs"

And where we fit into each others' heart.

You found the courage

To feel comfortable in your own skin

And I found the courage to let you.

I had been warned

To enjoy your baby days.

The teen years, I was told,

Came "cursed."


You shared your journey -

A plethora of activities and friends.

And something happened

Along the way ...

We became friends too.

With unparalleled passion

You embraced

The gifts you've been given.

You know what you're about.

You are "the living expression

Of God's kindness

- in your face - your eyes - your smile."

You have already

Made the world a better place.

Well done.



( Written for my daughter, Jennifer, 2004)

My Rosie

Mary Rita Schilke Sill (C) 2006


She smiles

and glistens everything around her

like pixie-dust settling in every nook and cranny.

Her pencil floats

around paper as quickly as

images float through her imagination.

Sometimes she steps

into a different world

and when you see her at work

you fell tugged into that happy place too.

She moves

with the elegance of a prima ballerina

and swiftness of a cheetah;

light on her feet - and fast.

Her grace

follows her into the water

where she strokes with 'Swan Lake' arms

and kicks

as if 'Jaws' were nipping at her toes.

She is at my elbow

with a hug when I need it most

and tells me

she loves me

like a gift laid at my feet.

She taught me

to see the flower

even though we have felt the thorns.

After all, she is my Rosie ...

she smiles

and glistens everything around her.



(Written in Boston, April 2006, for my daughter, Andrea Rose)

He Stands

Mary Rita Schilke Sill (C) 2011


He stands

with the brawn of a Marine

and the heart of a teddy bear:

honorable, tenacious, tough.

He stands

clever, quick-witted, and wise.


to usher-in a grin

when it's needed most.

He stands

embracing a challenge

taking a risk.

The sun on his shoulders -

the stars in the palm of his hand.

He stands

calling to life

six strings of a guitar;

an Irish Drunken Lullaby.

He stands


some men climb mountains

while others conquer them.

He stands


God does not confine His love

to the borders of a church.

He stands

thoughtful, eager, and smart.

He stands

as my son.

I could not be more proud.




(Written in honor of Josh's high school graduation)

Friends Are Like the Sun

Mary Rita Schilke Sill (C) 1980


I watched the sun nestle down in the clouds

camouflaging them in colors

of red and pink and distant blues.

I watched as it touched and changed shadows

and water and me

inside out.

I am absolutely sure

that friends are like the sun.

The joy is the same in their coming

as is the sadness

at their parting -

and sometimes

you might not see them

for a whole hour

or night

or more ...

But you know that they will come back

like the sun

because there is promise

in the stars.


(Published in Mary Englebreit's The Blessings of Friendship, 2002)

Photo credit by Gary Riggs

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